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Dominique’s chocolate cake

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maricel restaurant front terrace
Maricel | ©EatingOutorIn

One of the Best Restaurants in Sitges

Located opposite Fragata beach in the heart of sitges, Maricel is by far one of the best restaurants in Sitges. For this reason, it is slightly more expensive than it’s neighbours, but for good reason. 

Maricel | ©EatingOutorIn

Not only is there a nice outside terrace with sea views, a more shaded indoor terrace, ground floor indoor seating, but also an upstairs seating area as well.

White tableclothes through out, top service to match. And the bread and oil brought to your table is high quality.

Menu & prices | ©EatingOutorIn

“the quality is high”

Prices don’t appear on Maricel’s official website, so here’s a look at an example menu. 

As you can see dishes aren’t cheap, but the quality is very high and the prices are well and truly justified. 

Summer menu | ©EatingOutorIn

And here is a look at the summer menu deal. At €25 it’s an absolue steal. Although there were many tempting dishes on the a la carte, the summer menu deal was too good to turn down. Between two of us, here’s what we had below. 

Mediterranean salad | ©EatingOutorIn

“Mediterranean salad”

First of our starters was the Mediterranean salad, which was beautifully presented. And so fresh tasting. Although, that quickly became a theme at Maricel. Every dish to follow also tasted very fresh. 

Garlic Prawns | ©EatingOutorIn

Next up from the starters was the garlic prawns. Incredibly succulent, juicy and flavoursome. That sounds like a lot of adjectives, but this was one hell of a well cooked dish. You can see from the photo above that the prawns have been completey deveined as well. 

Black squid rice | ©EatingOutorIn

There are some great main course options included within the €25 menu deal. For example, paella, fideuá or canelones. However, first up for us was the arroz nego, which is very much like a paella. Rice with black squid ink and prawns. Very delicious, and the version here is of the highest quality. 

Beef cheek | ©EatingOutorIn

Our other main was the beef cheek and mash potato. Not sure I’ve ever had meat that has fallen apart quite so easily as this at the touch of a fork. Incredibly soft and so tasty. Quite astonishing that this beef is included in a meal deal. 

Passion fruit tart | ©EatingOutorIn

Very fitting of a summer menu is the dessert that’s included. A passion fruit tart with a fresh mint topping. Just waht you need after such a filling meal. 

Dominique's Chocolate cake | ©EatingOutorIn

For a €5 supplement you can get Dominique’s chocolate cake. Very much a must try dish. Four layers of different chocolate loveliness coated in a gold topping. 

In conclusion, Maricel is a class restaurant and definitely one of the best restaurants in Sitges. A beautiful setting, soothing music and top service. Above all else though, amazing food of a very high standard. 

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