Best Japanese Restaurants in Barcelona

There are a number of fantastic eateries from the east offering the best sushi in Barcelona, authentic ramen, Japanese BBQ and even A5 grade Wagyu Kobe beef. We’ve created a list of the best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona:  

Gyozas - Best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona

Where to find the 8 Best Japanese Restaurants in Barcelona

1. Carlota Akaneya

Best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona
Carlota Akaneya | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Raval

Must try dish: A5 Kobe wagyu beef

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A Japanese tasting menu restaurant in the Raval area, which serves the premium A5 Kobe Wagyu beef.  Traditional dishes include gyozas, delicious soups and chicken katsu. The majority of the other dishes, different grades of thinly sliced beef, are cooked on the BBQ’s built into all the tables. One of the most authentically Japanese experiences you can have in Barcelona. Full review here.

2. Robata

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Grilled lamb chops / yakisoba noodles / lemon pie

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Robata is a classy, high-end, Japanese restaurant in the Eixample area.  Famous for it’s extensive sushi selection, some of the best sushi in Barcelona, they also serve a number of top quality grilled meats, skewers and steaks, including A5 Kobe Wagyu beef. On top of that, great cocktails and delicious desserts, like the lemon pie or NY cheesecake. 

3. Nakashita

Nakashita - Best Japanese Restaurants in Barcelona
Nakashita | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Gothic Quarter

Must try dish: Rainbow shrimp tempura

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Cosy little Japanese restaurant in the Born neighbourhood with low lighting. Choose a seat in front of the sushi man to watch him prepare the fresh ingredients or a quieter table else where. Small venue, but large menu of exceptional dishes including ramens, tempura and sashimi and sushi. 

4. Oishii Ramen Street

Oishii Ramen Street - Ramen Barcelona
Oishii Ramen Street | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Shoyu ramen

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Walking into this restaurant you’d be forgiven for actually thinking you were entering a backstreet alley in Tokyo. Neon lights, fake buildings, street lights and graffiti create the atmosphere. It’s a well liked place, often with queues to get in.  The menu is Japanese street food with a large selection of different ramens. There are two branches in Barcelona and another in Madrid

5. Dos Palillos

Neighbourhood: Raval 

Must try dish: Menu dos palillos (tasting menu, around €100 pp)

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On this unassuming back alley in the Raval area lies a unique dining experience. Dos Palillos is a MICHELIN star Asian fusion restaurant with tasting menu options. Primarily using Spanish ingredients, but heavily focusing on Japanese cuisine. There are four dining spaces. The bar area at the entrance (no reservations and only for a-la-carte). The Japanese-style bar surrounding the kitchen, the terrace at the back, or in a private dining room with the only table in the restaurant.  

6. Yatai

Yatai - Best Japanese restaurants in Barcelona
Yatai | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Ebiten Udon

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This restaurant serves a wide selection of quality Japanese dishes, in a venue elaborately decorated with posters, masks and figurines. Yatai first opened its doors in nearby costal town Sitges in 2011, the Barcelona branch opening 4 years later. Lots on the menu from sushi, curries, yakisoba, and even the okonomiyaki, the famous type of omelette from Hiroshima. 

7. 99 Sushi Bar

99 Sushi Bar - Best Sushi Barcelona
99 Sushi Bar | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Sant Gervasi

Must try dish: Roasted suckling pig with pistachio and bacon

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An upmarket Japanese restaurant in the well to do Sant Gervasi neighbourhood. A favourite among the rich and famous who are looking for the best sushi in Barcelona, including Messi when he’s back in town, as well as members of the current Barcelona football team. As the name suggests, they specialise in top-quality sushi. However, the menu also has some other exiting dishes like sea urchin tempura sticks, wild boar gyozas and pigeon with crystallised pumpkin.   

8. Takumi Ramen and Yakisoba

Best Japanese Restaurants Barcelona
Takumi | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Spicy Ebi Furay Ramen

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This super popular Japanese restaurant is beloved by locals who are after the best ramen in Barcelona. The menu is extensive and as well as authentic ramens, consists of curries, those thick yakisoba noodles, lots of side dishes and some exciting desserts like black sesame ice-cream. All set in a colourful and vibrant dining space.

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