13 Best Pizza Places in Barcelona

Barcelona has some great pizza places serving fresh, oven baked pizzas. We’ve created a list of the very best pizza restaurants considering quality, taste and atmosphere. 

Browse the list below of the best pizza places in Barcelona.

Frankie Pizza Barcelona
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1. Parking Pizza

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Pepperoni, tomato and fenne pizza

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A fairly recent addition to the pizza scene here in Barcelona.  Parking Pizza has turned an old car park into a trendy restaurant with large shared tables and a cool vibe. But most importantly the quality of the pizzas is really good, with lots of interesting toppings available like butifarra sausage meat, egg, broccoli and red onion.   

2. Frankie Gallo Cha Cha Cha

Neighbourhood: Raval

Must try dish: Margherita or parmigiana pizza

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A lively, modern pizza restaurant in the heart of the Raval neighbourhood.  Wood-fired pizzas using the freshest ingredients and craft beer in a sleek environment. The venue is spacious with a big dining area, but also has private booths and more tables upstairs, which is good as it’s very popular. Also, they have a great spicy olive oil in the condiments. 

3. Trafalgar Pizza Club

Neighbourhood: Eixample 

Must try dish: Track 9 (mozzarella, tomato, spicy chorizo, red onion, chilli threads, cilantro)

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Trafalgar Pizza Club is the kind of club that if it required membership, we’d be the first to sign up.  This trendy new pizzeria in Barcelona is a 5 minute walk from Plaza Catalunya. Set in a converted old car park, yes, that seems to be a running theme here these days, has a chic design, lots of space, and 11 different delicious wood-fired pizzas to choose from. My personal favourite being the spicy Track 9, which includes spicy chorizo sausage and chilli threads. 

4. Grosso Napoletano

Grosso Napoletano - Best Pizza in Barcelona
Grosso Napoletano | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Sant Gervasi

Must try dish: Grosso pizza

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Grosso Napoletano is a stylish modern pizza restaurant in the Sant Gervasi area, serving delicious authentic Napolitan style pizza cooked in one of two impressive wood-fired ovens.  With Branches in Madrid and Valencia, this is the first to open in Barcelona. Ingredients are really fresh and they have some exciting toppings such as speck ham, parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes and rocket salad. 

5. Buon Appetito

Neighbourhood: Born

Must try dish: Capra pizza

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One of the best Italian restaurants in Barcelona, also do some of the best pizzas.  At Buon Appetito, next to Ciutadella Park, they have sourced the finest Italian flours, cereals and grains to create three different and traditional pizza doughs. Add to that the large choice of authentic toppings including spicy Italian sausage, homemade meatballs, or gorgonzola cheese, and with over 25 different types of pizzas on the menu, you can see why this is one of the best spots for pizza in Barcelona. 

6. Mama Pizzeria

Neighbourhood: Poble Sec

Must try dish: Diavola pizza

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My latest addition to the best pizza places in Barcelona is also one of the best value.  Not only are these Neapolitan style pizzas completely delicious and authentic, prices start from €5.99 for a margherita. That’s got to be the lowest price I’ve seen in Barcelona. Similar to the low prices in Napoli itself. Other pizzas are between €8 -12. ‘Special pizzas’ at Mama Pizzeria include toppings like pork cheek and the salty Italian cheese pecorino.  An extensive list of classics includes diavola with spicy salami (my personal favourite) and many more. This cosy venue has a few tables inside as well as on street dining. 

7. Bronzo

Bronzo - best pizza in barcelona
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Neighbourhood: Eixample / El Born

Must try dish: Margherita pizza or tagliata (steak) with rúcula & parmesano

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Bronzo has two branches, one in Eixample and the other in Born. They serve fresh Italian sharing plates, but the best reason to visit is the incedible wood oven pizzas. Starting at €8 for a margherita. 

8. Tomasso - New York Pizza

Tomasso - New York Pizza | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: New York Burrata pizza

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As the name suggests, these authentic pizzas come in New York style. A thin flexible crust which allows you to fold the slices, yet are still crispy. Everything is made fresh to order. It may take a little longer to arrive at your table, but it’s well worth the wait. And you can request half and half. 

9. Pizzeria da Michele

Pizzeria da Michele - Barcelona Pizza List
Pizzeria da Michele | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Primavera pizza

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That’s right, one of the oldest and most famous pizzerias in Napoli has a branch right here in Barcelona. The same pizzeria that featured Julia Roberts in the movie Eat, Prey, Love. The prices are higher in the Barcelona restaurant, but there’s many more toppings to choose from. Plus you can try a deep-fried pizza, pretty rare outside of Italy. See my list of the best pizzerias in Napoli here.

10. Sports Bar - Italian Food

Sports Bar - Best Pizza in Barcelona
Sports Bar - Italian Food | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Gothic Quarter

Must try dish: Margherita pizza

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Now with a number of restaurants across Barcelona, the venue on Carrer Ample in the Gothic Quarter is the original. With TV screens everywhere showing live football, Italian games getting priority, it’s far more than just somewhere to watch the match. The big wood-fired oven in the corner churns out tasty authentic Italian pizzas.  

11. Can Pizza

Can Pizza - Best Pizza in Barcelona
Can Pizza | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Sagrada Familia / Poble Nou

Must try dish: Boscaiola pizza and the caprese salad

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Can Pizza started in El Prat, near to Barcelona Airport. They now have a number of branches around Barcelona and the surrounding area, such as Sagrada Família and Poble Nou. Good quality Neapolitan-style pizzas are on the menu. 

12. NAP - Neapolitan Authentic Pizza

NAP - Best Pizza Barcelona
NAP | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Barceloneta / Gothic Quarter / Sant Antoni

Must try dish: Diavola – tomato, mozzarella, salami, red onion, chilli & virgin olive oil 

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N.A.P. have three locations in Barcelona, NAP Antic in el Born, NAP Mar at Barceloneta Beach and NAP Molino in Paral-lel. All serve typical Neapolitan style pizzas which are charred perfectly and very tasty. The pies are big, 35cm to be exact, and there’s a wide variety of toppings. 

13. Don Kilo

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Barcelona Pizza – tomato, mozzarella, egg, ham, onion, basil 

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Don Kilo is a no frills Italian restaurant serving fresh pasta and exceptional pizzas. This place came highly recommended. And, I have to say my Diavola pizza was superb. Slightly crispy crust and just the right mix of cheese and sauce. You may have gathered by now that my favourite pizza is the Diavola, with it’s tomato, mozzarella and spicy salami. It’s my go to pizza. I often use it to compare pizzerias before featuring them in my list of the best pizza places in Barcelona. Don Kilo’s is definitely worthy. I also have it on good authority that the ‘Barcelona pizza’ here, which includes egg, ham, onions and basil, is very good.   

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