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Must try dish: Cured squid, chicken consomé and caviar

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Cocina Hermanos Torres | ©EatingOutorIn

The most interactive tasting menu in Barcelona

Cocina Hermanos Torres is the latest restaurant from famous chef twins Sergio and Javier Torres, offering an incredible tasting menu experience in Barcelona. Set in an old converted warehouse where all the tables surround the completely open kitchen which sits in the middle of the room. 

Sunflower seed ice cream
Sunflower Seed Ice Cream | ©EatingOutorIn

“Where ever you sit you can see the chefs at work”

There are no bad tables. Where ever you sit you can see the chefs at work, including if you’re lucky the brothers themselves.

Flowers Bread | ©EatingOutorIn

The experience at Cocina Hermanos Torres is about invoking memories of childhood and travels with it’s creative dishes, like ice-cream made from sunflower seeds. The flavoured edible paper (pictured above) on arrival is a nice touch. 

Cocina Hermanos tasting menu
Menu | ©EatingOutorIn

At just under €200 for the tasting menu, it’s not cheap. However, it’s a culinary adventure of different tastes from around Spain and further afield. 

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hermanos torres thai dish
Mussels, King Crab, Saffron & Coconut Noodles | ©EatingOutorIn

Such care and creativeness goes into every dish brought to the table. For instance, the mussels and crab (pictured above) was one of the most incredibley flavoured of all, like a deconstructed Thai curry. 

A nice balance of meat, fish and vegetables

Cocina Hermanos Torres | ©EatingOutorIn

Often a tasting menu in Barcelona can be too fish orientated. However, here there is a nice balance between fish, meat and vegetables. Out of everything that was served, I only wouldn’t have two of the dishes again. And thats just a personal preference for not liking anchovies or being a huge fan of raw fish. 

Marinated Sea Bass, Herb Emulsion, Vegetables & Raifort | ©EatingOutorIn

Although beautifully presented, one of those dishes I wouldn’t have again was the marinated sea bass (pictured above). Although, that’s not an issue when you have 17 other dishes coming your way. 

Fresh local produce

Cocina Hermanos tasting menu / price
Asparagus from Navarra, Iberian Ham & Spring Mushrooms | ©EatingOutorIn

The Torres brothers are big on using fresh, local produce, fair trade and sustainability. They buy from producers directly and own a small farm in Extremadura.

Cocina Hermanos Torres onion soup
Onion from Fuentes, Cured Parmesan Cheese & Truffles | ©EatingOutorIn

One of the stand out dishes by far is the soup (pictured above) using onions from their parents garden in Fuentes de Ebro, a small village near Zaragoza.

Hermanos Torres suckling pig
Iberian Suckling Pig, Pears, Tamarind & Shepherd's Crumbs | ©EatingOutorIn

The suckling pig with crispy crackling is another fantastic dish. Iberian pork from the brothers own farm in Extremadura.

Cocinia Hermanos Torres caviarr
Cured Squid, Chicken Consome and Caviar | ©EatingOutorIn

“perfect balance of flavours”

Of all the incredible dishes served at Cocina Hermanos Torres, my favourite for taste and creativeness was the cured squid, chicken consome and caviar (pictured above), due to the perfect balance of flavours. 

coffee caviar Best restaurants
Coffee Caviar | ©EatingOutorIn

As you might have expected this tasting menu has some exiting desserts. Followed by a selection of little creative offerings like coffee caviar. 

In conclusion, Cocina Hermanos Torres is an incredible dining experience. 

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