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Bangkok has to be one of the best places for street food in the world. For that reason I’ve created a list of the 23 best street food places in Bangkok. From traditional Thai curries, and dishes with a Chinese influence, costing less than 2 euros a dish. To MICHELIN star street food, and premium boat noodles in a luxury shopping mall.  

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Location: 335-359 Soi Nakhon Sawan 7

Must try dish: Roasted crispy pork

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Chinese restaurant in the Old Town, serving some of the best street food in Bangkok, including crispy pork or roast duck. The value is incredible, about €1.50 for a meal which includes rice and pak choi vegetables.

Location: 84-88 Sukon 1 Alley

Must try dish: Pork satay with toast

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One of the most famous Thai street foods in Bangkok has to be Satay. And, Chongki is the place to go for these delicious pork or liver skewers that come with a slightly spicy peanut sauce on the side.   

Location: 94-96 Thung Wat Don

Must try dish: Red roast pork khao moo daeng

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Literally next door to Chongki is another Bangkok street food gem. Plates of the Thai Chinese dish, khao moo daeng, are the specialty here. Red roasted pork and Chinese sausage on a bed of rice, covered in thick sauce, accompanied by an egg and cucumbers. 

4. Som Tam Jay So

Location: Phiphat 2

Must try dish: Spicy sweet corn salad

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A Mark Wiens recommendation, this has to be one of the most authentic Thai street food venues in Bangkok. There are super fresh Thai salads, the signature BBQ chicken wings and a selection of spicy pork dishes. The ordering system can be a bit hectic. You fill in the form at the salad counter and meat counter separately. I almost gave up waiting as I was confused, but I’m so pleased I stuck it out. Amazingly tasty food.

Location: 137/1-3 Sanam Khli Alley

Must try dish: Fried chicken with deep-friend garlic

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This former Bangkok street food stall is now a fully fledged restaurant. The main attraction are the juiciest of fried chickens coated in their secret southern-style homemade recipe and topped with deep-fried garlic.

6. Jek Pui Curry

Location: 25 Mangkon Rd

Must try dish: Yellow curry with chicken and Chinese sausage

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Jek Pui Curry is a street food stall that certainly wont break the bank. They have a wide range of Thai curries, including green, yellow and red curry, with a choice of meats and fish. All at incredible prices. Queues soon start forming after opening every day at 3pm.   

7. Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu

Location: 115/5 Dinso Rd

Must try dish: Pork pad thai

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This street food restaurant in the Old Town have created a pad thai with a modern twist. Berkshire loin pork is used instead of prawns. Grilled over bincho-chan charcoal, fermented in coriander, soy sauce and topped with a spicy tamarind juice.

8. Chakki

Location: 1, 35-36 Soi Watthanayothin

Must try dish: Deep-fried beef noodles with gravy

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The main reason to visit this family run Cantonese restaurant is the beef and deep-fried rice noodles with gravy. They’ve been successfully selling them for over 30 years, as well as their famous deep-fried wontons.

9. Thong Smith

Location: Thong Smith Central Embassy (+ 5 other locations)

Must try dish: Beef & pork boat noodles

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Thong Smith, with locations in upmarket shopping malls, uses only the very best premium ingredients. Such as, Kurobuta pork and marbled beef for its luxury version of boat noodles. Boat noodles being a traditional Thai street food dish containing pork, beef and meatballs. It’s absolutely delicious and usually very cheap. However, it’s well worth paying the extra to have them here. Best boat noodles I’ve ever had, and a great selection of drinks like the iced pandam juice.

10. Rattana Kao Kaeng

Location: Within Nang Loeng Market

Must try dish: Green curry

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This stall offers some of the best street food in the whole of Bangkok. Located within Nang Loeng Market in the Old Town. Loads of traditional Thai curries available like massaman and a fantastic green curry. 

11. Kway Chap Mr Joe

Location: 313/7 Chan Rd

Must try dish: Crispy roast pork (the biggest in Bangkok)

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If there’s a crispier or bigger serving of crispy roast pork in Bangkok, then I haven’t seen it. This street food restaurant is also famous for a peppery noodle soup called kuay jab. On top of that they have dim sum options including steamed custard or BBQ pork buns.

12. Raan Jay Fai

Location: 327 Maha Chai Rd

Must try dish: Crab omelette 

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Now on to some MICHELIN Star street food in Bangkok. Raan Jay Fai, with her unique cooking goggles, must be the most famous chef on this list. The food, all cooked by herself, is on the pricier side, but well worth it. Her signature crab omelette, drunken noodles & beef in oyster sauce are the stand out dishes for me. 

13. Nai Ek Roll Noodle

Location: 442, Soi 9, Samphanthawong

Must try dish: Noodle roll

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One of the most popular street food restaurants on Yaowarat Road in Chinatown. Famous for their noodle roll, but also a great place for the crispy roasted pork they serve, with or without gravy. 

14. Ta Chai Sukhothai Noodles

Location: 119/1 Bamrung Mueang Rd

Must try dish: Sukhothai noodles

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A list of the best street food in Bangkok  wouldn’t be complete without mentioning this place. It’s located in a little back street, around the corner from the Giant Swing. The main dish is sukothai noodles. Succulent pieces of pork in super flavoursome broth with ground peanut and sliced green beans.

15. Patonggo Cafe

Location: 246 Phra Sumen Rd

Must try dish: Mixed pork with egg rice

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This cafe in Bangkok’s Old Town has been selling Chinese deep-fried dough desserts since 1968. However, they also have an extensive menu of other traditional street food dishes.

Location: Yaowarat Road

Must try dish: Crispy BBQ roasted pork

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Yaowarat Road in Chinatown is one of the best places for street food in Bangkok. Another one of the best places for crispy BBQ roasted pork is this street side stall located around the half way point.

Neighbourhood: 300 Sukhumvit Road

Must try dish: Wagyu beef pad kaprao

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Legendary foodie YouTuber, Mark Wiens, has his own restaurant in Bangkok. What started as a debate over where serves the best pad krapow (stir-fried holy basil, usually with pork) in Bangkok, resulted in the opening of Phed Mark. All spice levels are catered to, and you can even choose an Australian Wagyu beef version.

Location: 174 Ban Mo

Must try dish: Guay thiew lard

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There are two stand out dishes at this great value street food restaurant. The Thai Chinese guay thiew lard (rice noodles with thin gravy), and the khao moo daeng (Chinese sausage and roast pork). 

Location: 313-315 Maha Chai Rd

Must try dish: Superb padthai

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The most famous and probably the best place for a traditional Pad Thai in Bangkok. There used to be big queues when they only opened from 5pm, but now they open all day it’s much easier to get a table. A thin layer of omelette conceals the orange noodles within.  Comes with fresh chunky prawns. Also, the homemade orange juice is a must. 

Location: Soi Sukhumvit 55, Sukhumvit Road

Must try dish: Prawn pad thai

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Another good spot for the famous Thai street food dish Pad Thai is this one. As well as chicken, there are plenty of seafood options including prawns, shrimps, oysters and mussels. 

Location: Soi Kraisi

Must try dish: Tom yum goon soup

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Just around the corner from the backpacker haven, Khao San Road, is this street side stall and restaurant. It’s no frills, no aircon, open air dining However, the food, like the fried woks,  the seafood tom yum goong soup and other dishes are top quality and at very reasonable prices. 

Location: 56 ถ. เยาวราช Khwaeng Samphanthawong

Must try dish: Deep-fried patongo

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MICHELIN rated street food in the heart of Chinatown. This stall has been serving patango, a Chinese depp-fried dough, with gooey sweet sauce, for over 4 decades.

23. Nuttaporn Ice Cream

Location: 94 Phraeng Phuthon Rd

Must try dish: Coconut ice cream with pandan leaf

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Nuttaporn is the best Ice cream spot in Bangkok. Located in the back streets near the royal palaces, they’ve been producing homemade non dairy ice cream for over 60 years. So many flavours to choose from like soy bean macha, but it’s the traditional coconut with pandan leaf that’s number one for me.  

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