Best Restaurants in Barcelona (New)

Barcelona is one of the top food destinations in the world. A city full of incredible cuisine and great places to eat. We’ve put together our ultimate list of the best restaurants in Barcelona. Featuring several categories from fine dining to much-loved neighbourhood tapas bars. 

This best Barcelona restaurants list includes the must-try dish in each venue, map locations, and website links. Browse the list below in search of the top restaurants in Barcelona.

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Browse the 10 Best Restaurants in Barcelona

1. Disfruta

Disfruta | ©EatingOutorIn

Location: C/ de Villarroel, 163

Must try dish: Panchino filled with beluga caviar

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First up on my list of the best restaurants in Barcelona is Disfruta. If you only do one tasting menu when here, you should consider this one. Make sure to book well in advance to guarantee a table though, and don’t forget your wallet, as the two extensive menus are around €275 each. Expect innovative creations, like the fried dough panchino filled with beluga caviar, perfected by the three chefs who trained and worked together at the infamous, 5 times-crowned world-best restaurant, el Bulli.

2. Trafalgar Pizza Club

Location: C/ de Trafalgar, 19

Must try dish: Special track pizza

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There are so many fantastic pizza joints across Barcelona. However, my pick of the bunch is the trendy Trafalgar Pizza Club. Set in a converted garage, there’s a large selection of pizzas to choose from, as well as some great starters, salads, and desserts. It’s also a cocktail bar and they play cool tunes.

3. Botafumiero

Location: C/ Gran de Gràcia, 81

Must try dish: Lobster Botafumeiro’s style

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This old-school Catalan restaurant is the place to come to if you want the best seafood in Barcelona. Walk past the traditional bar area at the front, and it opens up to a more formal setting with tablecloths. Think whole lobsters, Dover sole, oysters, and a very good paella too.

4. Seoul Nadri

Location: C/ de Roger de Llúria, 24

Must try dish: Chadolbagi (thin sliced beef brisket)

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One place that had to make my list of the best restaurants in Barcelona is Seoul Nadri. An authentic Korean BBQ with premium meats, fried chicken, soups, and other Korean dishes like tteobokki and bibimbap. One of the best Korean restaurants I’ve been to, including those in Korea itself.

5. Bar Mut

Location: C. de Pau Claris, 192

Must try dish: Steak with foie

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This traditional tapas bar is located in the Gracia Neighbourhood.  It makes my list of the best restaurants in Barcelona due to the quality of the ingredients used and the large wine list. Tapas options are written on boards above the bar. Staples like steak with foie gras are very popular.

6. Buenos Aires Grill

Location: C/ de València, 189

Must try dish: Ribeye steak & chimichurri sauce 

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One of the best restaurants in Barcelona for steak is the atmospheric Buenos Aires Grill.  The menu features a wide variety of Argentine Angus cuts of all different sizes, including ribeye, short ribs, and the exquisite filet. Plus, enticing starters like empanadas or my favourite, chorizo sausage with chimichurri.

7. Carlota Akaneya

Carlota Akaneya | ©EatingOutorIn

Location: C/ del Pintor Fortuny

Must try dish: A5 Kobe wagyu beef

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Carlota Akaneya is a Japanese BBQ-tasting menu restaurant that will blow you away. One of the first restaurants to serve authentic A5 wagyu beef in Spain, and now on top of that, the first place to serve the prestigious Matsusaka Beef outside of Japan. There’s no a-la-carte, and reservations are essential, but this is one experience that shouldn’t be missed. See full review here.

8. Quimet & Quimet

Location: C/ del Poeta Cabanyes, 25

Must try dish: Tuna and red peppers

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For a true Barcelona food experience, a trip to Quimet Quimet is a must. This standing-room-only venue has been serving up delightful tapas and sandwiches since 1914. It’s also famous for stocking over 500 bottles of wine, and having many tinned foods, including lots of seafood

9. Maná 75

Location: Pg. de Joan de Borbó, 101

Must try dish: Seafood paella “senyoret

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It wouldn’t be a true list of the best restaurants in Barcelona without a fantastic paella spot. Maná 75 is that spot. Hidden around the back of the beachfront W-Hotel, it has the biggest selection of different paellas in the city. Including seafood, meat, and vegetarian options. The large stylish dining space is also good for groups.

10. FiskeBar

Location: Passeig d’Ítaca, 3

Must try dish: Tracciatella Salad

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Last up on my list of the best restaurants in Barcelona is FiskeBar. A modern seafood restaurant with incredible views of Barcelona Port and all the boats below. However, their non-seafood dishes, like the starters to share, or choice of fresh pasta dishes and meats are also exceptionally good. 

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