Best Restaurants in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Hospitalet for short, boarders the city of Barcelona to the southwest, on the way to the airport. A residential area with an industrial past, it’s seen a resurgence over the last 15 years or so. With skyscrapers going up and improved transport links. On top of that, the World Mobile Congress, which attracts 50,000 people from around the world annually, is hosted in the Fira Convention Centre. And of course there are some incredible new restaurants in addition to the already existing ones. 

Restaurante Casa Varela 1986 - Hospitalet
Casa Varela 1986 | ©EatingOutorIn

Where to find the Best Places to eat in Hospitalet, Catalonia.

Restaurante Casa Varela 1986 - Hospitalet
Casa Varela 1986 | ©EatingOutorIn

Address: C/ de Blas Fernández de Lirola, 82

Must try dish: Pork tacos

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This corner restaurant, that has been around since the 80’s, has been turned into one of the best dining locations in the whole of the greater Barcelona area. For a number of years the creativity and flavours of the food have constantly been evolving. They came through the pandemic strong (mainly by selling rice dishes to take away). After acquiring the building next door and doing a total refurbishment, it now has a setting equal to it’s high level of cuisine. Read my interview with the owner Toni here.

Mug Restaurant
MUG Restaurante | ©EatingOutorIn

Address: C/ de les Roselles, 14

Must try dish: Ragu / beef croquettes

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A wonderful Italian restaurant located in the centre of Hospitalet. It has a good reputation, and for good reason. They have a number of fresh and inventive dishes on the menu like the risotto with artichokes and Catalan sausage. As well as a number of pastas, pizzas and some delicious beef croquettes. All in a modern dining space.

3. Palmer Restaurant

Palmer Restaurant - Best Restaurants in Hospitalet
Palmer Restaurant | ©EatingOutorIn

Address: 52, Pl. d’Europa, 50

Must try dish: Rossejats noodles with lobster and a soft all-i-oli

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Surrounded by palm trees and with incredible views.  This Mediterranean restaurant is located on the 14th floor of the uniquely designed Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel. They offer a selection of steaks, seafood and rice dishes. And some great tapas and jamon iberico too. As well as a lunch set menu on weekdays.

Best Restaurants in Hospitalet
Comarca | ©EatingOutorIn

Address: Avinguda de la Granvia de l’Hospitalet, 22

Must try dish: Cochinita pibil (roasted suckling pig)

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A casual all day dining spot near Gran Via 2 shopping centre. Located on the ground floor of The Easy Hotel. A nice and bright venue serving a range of exciting local dishes as well as one with an international influence. Including burgers, tapas and woks. Also has street side seating. A great choice for family dining.

5. Pappa e Pizza

Best Pizza Hospitalet, Barcelona
Pappa e Pizza | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Hospitalet

Must try dish: Pizza salsiccia (sausage) e strachino (cheese) – €10.50

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In the area of Hospitalet, just south of Barcelona, you can find the Italian run pizzeria Pappa e Pizza. Friendly owners, a wood-fired oven, spicy oil on every table and a large inside dining area. On top of that there’s an outside terrace on a quaint little square. Most importantly though, proper Neapolitan style pizzas at good prices. Less than €7 for a margherita.

Other Food Places in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

Address: Plaça Francesc Macià i Llussà, 1

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Fantastic bakery in the Santa Eulalia neighbourhood of Hospitalet. It’s very small, takeaway only, but everything is baked on site. They specialise in bread, with various loafs, rolls, baguettes and more available. It’s my top recommendation for fresh bread in the area. Croissants and a number of delicious sweet baked goods are on offer as well. 

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