Chai Guy BCN

Authentic Asian Chai
Tea in Barcelona

If you haven’t heard of Chai Guy BCN, let me introduce you. Born in Afghanistan, raised in Wembley, North London, Bahram Ehsas creates extremely authentic chai teas, and sells them at pop-ups across Barcelona. 

Chai Guy BCN - Barcelona
Chai Guy BCN - Bahram Ehsas | ©EatingOutorIn

Bringing Authentic Asian Chai Tea to Barcelona

Chai Guy BCN - Barcelona
Chai Guy BCN - Bahram Ehsas | ©EatingOutorIn

Since January 2021, Chai Guy BCN has been selling his homemade creations of delicious Asian chai tea in Barcelona. What started as a small operation has become extremely popular and loved by locals and well informed tourists. 


Bahram does pop-ups at different locations in Barcelona on weekends.  Often at Indian & Pakistani restaurant Baby Jalebi, in Gracia, or Durango Diner in Eixample. Times and locations are advertised on the official chaiguybcn Instagram account in the days beforehand.

Karak Chai & Vegan Masala Chai

There are two different chai teas available, priced at €3 each at the time of writing. The most popular and my favourite, Karak Chai is made using evaporated milk, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom and saffron. It’s creamy as well as sweet and spicy at the same time. 

And, Vegan Masala Chai, made with oat milk and 8 different spices. Drinking this tea is a real journey of flavour as different spices hit your taste buds at different times. I love both, and usually get one of each.

Flavours and Spices

Chai Guy BCN - Authentic Chai Tea Barcelona
Chai Guy BCN | ©EatingOutorIn

The spices used to make the teas are sourced from India and Afghanistan. A lot of effort has gone into perfecting the recipes over a number of years. And you can really tell. The aromas alone, but then the amount of different flavours you get from from each sip. 

Paratha at Baby Jalebi

The great thing about when it’s at Baby Jalebi is the traditional paratha breads. Baby Jalebi serve the yummy, flaky flat bread. So, you can enjoy your chai in the restaurant itself. Two types available, plain (€3), and sweet (€4), made with cinnamon and sugar.  Rip them and dip them in your tea, perfection.

Chai Guy Success

Since Bahram’s first chai tea was sold in Barcelona at the start of 2021, The Chai Guy BCN has surged in popularity. Through word of mouth and shares on social media. Each week queues seem to get bigger and bigger, and he always sells out fast. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. A genuine person who brings a lot of joy to people with his chai tea creations.

What's next?

More spices, more flavours, more creations and more pop-ups. The best way to see what’s next is to follow the chaiguybcn IG account. Find out where and when the next location is, get in the queue and then get ordering. You’ll thank me afterwards. 

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