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Hi, I'm Sam 

My passion is food and finding the best places to eat, from the newest restaurant that just opened, to the quality establishments that have been around for years.

I grew up in London, spent long periods travelling, lived in the U.S., and have now been settled in Barcelona for almost 10 years.

My friendships with locals, expats and restaurateurs gives me knowledge on the top places to eat like a local, so that I can pass that knowledge onto you. That’s why I created Eating Out or In.

All photos are taken by myself, and opinions are my own.

I want to avoid negativity, so only feature places that I love. However, I’ll point out negative aspects if I feel it will benefit the reader.

With my constantly updated blog you’ll discover:

  • Where to eat out and avoid Tourist Traps
  • New and exciting eateries
  • Incredible eating experiences off the beaten path
  • Complicated booking & ordering systems explained
  • ‘Best of’ guides
  • ‘Dos and don’ts’ tips
  • Must try dishes
  • Interviews and features

I hope my blog helps you find your next incredible food destination, whether that’s in Barcelona or beyond. 

Click on locations here and start your search today.

La Textil - Barcelona
La Textil - Barcelona | ©EatingOutorIn
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