Best Quick Bites in Barcelona

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1. Durango Diner

Durango Diner Barcelona - Alam Brothers
Durango Diner | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: 

Smash burger & Lobster (€25)

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The latest venture from the Alam brothers (Fish & Chips Shop and Baby Jalebi) has finally arrived in Barcelona! Open 9am to 3am every day, think American diner meets cocktail bar. Influenced by the brothers’ trips to the States, this is their own take on the diner experience. A modern and quirky design, with a creative menu from breakfast through to dinner. We’re talking pancakes, eggs, pastrami sandwiches, Mexican dishes, burgers & lobsters and more.

Note: As of Jan 2023 Durango Diner is under new management.

2. Dr.Beer & Mr.Fried

Fried Chicken - Best quick bites in Barcelona
Dr.Beer & Mr.Fried | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Raval

Must try dish: 

Peanut honey waffle

(Gofre cacahuete y miel)

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Great tasting chicken burgers, waffles and pieces of chicken in homemade batter feature on the menu at this cool venue in the Raval area of Barcelona. As well as, an awesome playlist, drinks menu and to die for desserts. Full review here.

3. Fish and Chips Shop

Lobster Roll - Best quick bites in Barcelona
Fish and Chips Shop | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Various locations

Must try dish:

Fish & chips or lobster roll

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The Fish and Chips shop has been serving it’s famous dish since 2015. Fish fried in a batter with a mix of spices, and mango chutney to dip the chips in. Since then, it has had unfounded success, opening another three establishments in Barcelona, and another in Madrid. The same family have also created the Baby Jalebi restaurant group. Possibly the best Pakistani / Indian food you’ll find in Barcelona. However, it’s at their Fish & Chips Shop at Barceloneta Beach where you’ll find their delicious lobster roll or scrumptious fish burger.

4. Tacos 99

Best tacos Barcelona - tacos 99
Tacos 99 | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Poble Sec

Must try dish: Tacos Barbacoa (lamb slow cooked in beer)

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Fantastic little Mexican restaurant in the Poble Sec area serving authentic cuisine, such as cazuelitas with cheese and choritzo meat. Their specialty being tacos though, with a wide choice of fillings. Good value at €2.50 each.

5. The Dog is Hot

The Dog is Hot - Shop Front
The Dog is | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Raval

Must try dish: Rusticdog

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If you’re craving a hotdog, or just a quick bite, in Barcelona, this is the place to go. There’s a large choice of different combinations, or make your own up from the huge list of ingredients. Baked potatoes and nachos are also on the menu.

6. Baby Jalebi

Neighbourhood: Poble Sec / Gracia

Must try dish: Chicken tikka massala

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This street food restaurant, full of the flavours of Pakistan, was opened next to the families first Fish and Chips restaurant in Rocafort. Due to it’s popularity, they have since opened a second branch in the Gracia Neighbourhood. They serve incredible, authentic Indian and Pakistani dishes. Without a doubt one of the best restaurants of it’s kind in Barcelona.

7. Piel de Gallina

Piel de Gallina | ©EatingOutorIn

Neighbourhood: Various locations

Must try dish: Bangkok fried chicken

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Another fried chicken shop features on my quick bites list, but this one was too good to leave off. Due to its success, Piel de Gallina now has three locations across the city. Big fillets of fried chicken come in different flavours from around the word. Such as Louisiana BBQ, Seoul South Korean kimchi, or the spicy chimichurri from Patagonia in Argentina. My personal favourite though being the red curry Bangkok. Chicken burgers and sides like fries and coleslaw also feature.

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