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Neighbourhood: Eixample

Must try dish: Xix kebab

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best lebanese in Barcelona
Al Jaima de Abou Khalil | ©EatingOutorIn

The Original and Best Lebanese Food in Barcelona

Al Jaima de Abou Khalil is a Lebanese restaurant serving authentic, fresh cuisine. Miguel Katib, the owner, opened the first Lebanese restaurant in Barcelona in 1983 called Abou Khalil. In 2004 he opened a second restaurant called Al Jaima. Since the pandemic Abou Khalil has remained closed and the second restaurant has changed its name to Al Jaima de Abou Khalil, which is the restaurant featured in this review.

Best Lebanese restaurant entrance
Al Jaima de Abou Khalil | ©EatingOutorIn

“a complete refurbishment”

During the recent pandemic the restaurant had a complete refurbishment, resulting in a wonderfully decorated dining space and the beautiful waiting area pictured above. 

best lebanese in Barcelona
Els Nostres Combinats - carne | ©EatingOutorIn

Combinations and tasting menu available

There are a number of combinations available. Take the ‘els nostres combinats’ with shredded lamb shawarma pictured above. It comes with falafel, hummus, betenjan (an aubergine paste), salad and a mince meat pastry. You can have the same thing with chicken or a vegetarian version. 

Another option is the tasting menu for under €30 called mazza, which includes 12 plates of virtually all the starters. 

lebanese lamb chops
Kastalet | ©EatingOutorIn

There are a lot of great vegetarian options, mainly in the starter section, but there’s also a lot of great grilled meat to choose from. For instance, the kastaleta (lamb chops), pictured above, which are so succulent and absolutley delicious. 

For seafood lovers, there are some fish dishes available as well. 

best lebanese in Barcelona
Xix Kebab | ©EatingOutorIn

“the best and tastiest option has to be the lamb shish kebab”

Also from the grill there is shredded lamb or chicken shawarma meat and more. However, the best and tastiest option has to be the lamb xix kebab (shish kebab), due to the combination of herbs and spices and perfectly cooked meat.

spicy sauce
Salsa picante | ©EatingOutorIn

“spicy dishes”

If you like your food hot you’re in luck because there are a couple of spicy dishes on the menu. Look out for the word picant, which means spicy in Catalan. Or just ask for some spicy sauce on the side, as it has a real kick to it. 

Al Jaima de Abou Khalil desserts
Baklawa | ©EatingOutorIn

The traditional Arabic desserts available are really good. For instance the mini selection of baklawa.

Al Jaima de Abou Khalil Check
Al Jaima de Abou Khalil | ©EatingOutorIn

In conclusion, if you’re looking for good quality, authentic Lebanese food in Barcelona, in a wonderful setting, you can’t go far wrong with Al Jaima de Abou Khalil. 

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