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Must try dish: Argentinian Angus steak

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Mediterranean Restaurant in Sitges
Komokieras | ©EatingOutorIn

Mediterranean Steakhouse in Sitges

Komokieras is a popular Mediterranean restaurant in Sitges has been serving good quality food for a number of years. The setting is refined due to the white table-clothes and simple decoration. 

There’s an outside seating area to the side of the restaurant as well. Since it’s covered, you can eat outside come rain or shine.

Argentinian Angus at Mediterranean Restaurant in Sitges
Argentinian Angus | ©EatingOutorIn

The word ‘Komokieras’ is a play on words, which uses the spanish phrase ‘como quieras‘, meaning ‘however you like it?’, and therefore signifying their desire to please.

Argentinian Angus
Argentinian Angus | ©EatingOutorIn

“top quality grilled meat”

There is a large selection of top quality grilled meat, like the Argentinian Angus steak or beef tenderloin. But, you’ll also find chicken, veal, lamb, suckling pig and more. 

The menu also consists of fresh seafood options . For instance, the hake or the grilled prawns with creamy curried rice.

Beef tenderloin
Beef Tenderloin | ©EatingOutorIn

In addition, the service is good and the wine list is decent. On top of that, midweek they offer a 3 course menu deal for under €20.

Komokieras - Mediterranean Restaurant in Sitges
Komokieras | ©EatingOutorIn

Desserts are homemade and of a very good quality. For example, the soufflé or the crema catalana really stand out.

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