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Must try dish: Rubia Gallega steak

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Solomillo Restaurant entrance sign
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Sophisticated Steakhouse in Barcelona

In this article, Im going to explain why Solomillo Restaurant is one of the best places in Barcelona to get a steak. Just off the famous shopping street Passeig de Gràcia, Solomillo is a sophisticated steak restaurant specialising in the finest cuts of meat from Spain and France.  In fact, there aren’t any other main course options. So, if you don’t like steak, this isn’t the place for you. If you do, you’re in for a real treat. 

Interior of Solomillo Restaurant
Solomillo Restaurant | ©EatingOutorIn

“You choose the cut, the weight and then sides”

You have four different breeds to choose from, with descriptions in the menu. The French breed, Salers, is a softer meat. Charolesa, is famed for its quality low fat meat. Frisian, which was introduced to Spain in 1965, and Rubia Gallega, the most intense flavour and also the most expensive. You choose the cut, the weight (up to 1kg) and then sides and sauce. There’s quite a few sauces to choose from, but note they are not included in the price of the steak, and nor are the sides like fries.

Alexandra Hotel Patio / Steak Restaurant Barcelona
Solomillo Patio | ©EatingOutorIn

“An oasis of calm”

Part of the upmarket Alexandra Barcelona Hotel, Solomillo Restaurant has a separate entrance to the left of the hotel and therefore feels like its own venue. You have three seating areas. A few tables on the street outside, the large art-deco looking area inside up some stairs, and the beautiful patio out the back. It’s a cozy space with plenty of greenery and is definitely my seating recommendation.  An oasis of calm away from the busy streets outside. And if it’s too sunny or rains slightly they have the option to cover the whole patio with the electric awning.

pan con tomate
Pan Con Tomate | ©EatingOutorIn

A nice selection of starters

For starters you have a few options like cheese sharing plates, pate terrine, salad and cold meats, including Iberico ham which isn’t cheap at around €28, but worth it. The ‘pan con tomate’ (Catalan tomato bread with olive oil and salt) is the crystal bread kind. Meaning it’s very crunchy and very tasty. It’s actually tempting to fill up too much on that before the steaks arrive.

Best Steak in Barcelona Solomillo
Charolesa 250g | ©EatingOutorIn

“My steak was cooked to perfection”

My steak was cooked to perfection. Sometimes in Spain steaks can be a little under cooked compared to what you might expect in a different country. At Solomillo they are spot on. The above charolesa 250g was requested medium (punto in Spanish) and was just right.  

Steak Restaurant Barcelona Solomillo
Steak, Fries & Mojo Sauce | ©EatingOutorIn

“quality of the meat”

So, why is Solomillo one of the best steak restaurants in Barcelona? The service is very professional, there’s a pretty decent wine list and the drinks are well priced for an upmarket hotel. The patio setting is truly beautiful, but what makes this Barcelona steak restaurant really stand out is the quality of the meat. They take care in providing top steaks. In addition, it makes for a really enjoyable experience.  

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