Bar Mut | Barcelona

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 192

Must try dish: 

Solomillo amb foi (Steak with foie gras)

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Tapas Bar Barcelona - Bar Mut
Bar Mut | ©EatingOutorIn

Classic Tapas Bar in Barcelona

A mix between a tapas bar and restaurant, with some seating outside. Bar Mut offers luxury tapas in Barcelona. Far from cheap, but you’re paying for the quality. 

Bar Mut | ©EatingOutorIn

“melt in your mouth solomillo steak”

Take for example the melt in your mouth solomillo steak and foie gras with rosemary at just under €27.   

Tapas Bar Barcelona
Bar Mut | ©EatingOutorIn

All the classic tapas dishes are written on two boards above the bar. In addition, there’s some specials of the day, which include fresh seafood and fish. 

Bar Mut | ©EatingOutorIn

If you want a great selection of wines with high-end tapas, Bar Mut is the place to go. An inviting decor with a few tables and chairs and some bar stools, the venue has a traditional classic feel to it.

Bar Mut | ©EatingOutorIn

“In Bar Mut they add octopus”

The ‘ensaladilla rusa’ (Russian Salad) is very popular in Spain. Normally consisting of potatoes, eggs, tuna and mayonaise. In Bar Mut they add octopus on top.

Bar Mut | ©EatingOutorIn

Dishes like the croquetas at Bar Mut are of a more substantial size and more are luxury than you would find in most other places.

In conclusion, Bar Mut is pricey, but well worth it. 

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